Meet the Artist - David Henty, The Worlds No.1 Art Forger

6 Sep 2023

David Henty is considered the best copyist artist in the world today. His work is meticulously and lovingly recreated to the finest detail, having honed his craft over 25 years to now master the techniques and nuances of some of history’s most iconic artists, his work has fooled scientists and art critics alike, being practically indiscernible from originals of such artworks by Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, LS Lowry, Caravaggio, Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Banksy, Claude Monet and Jean Michel Basquiat to name a few.

A star in his own right, David’s copies have come to the attention of high profile media channels. These include The Sunday Telegraph, the BBC, and Radio 4 as well as a Vice documentary and recently featured on Channel 4's 'The Greatest Auction'.

‚ÄčAt this event you will meet the artist behind the extraordinary recreations. Engage in conversations with David Henty as he shares his passion for art, the meticulous process of replication, and the deep admiration he holds for the artistic icons who have inspired him. Discover the stories behind the brushstrokes and delve into the mind of an artist who brings new dimensions to the works of the masters.

21st September, 6 - 8 pm  @ our Kings Road showroom

302 - 306 Kings Road