Handmade Marbled Paper


Amazing handmade marbled paper, using traditional hydro dipping techniques; this is a traditional technique that uses floating rich oil pigments and paint on water in which the handmade paper is placed to produce one of a kind prints and patterns.

The cotton paper is made by hand using recycled, refined cotton from rags, clothing and textiles. It is 100% eco-friendly wood free paper.

Each print is unique, as they are made individually by hand.

Available in A1 - Length: 69cm Height: 59cm (these dimensions are an approximation, they may vary very very slightly as they are handmade pieces).

Can be used as framed art prints, wrapping paper, book covers, lining drawers, etc.

Super interesting and unique!


£5.50 - Per item Plus 0.75p postage charge per extra sheet

Supplied in a Strong cardboard tube - mailed with  Royalmail .



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