A Pair Of Orange Kundalini Shakti Wall Sconces


A Pair Of Orange Kundalini Shakti Wall Sconces - 4 pairs available


The Shakti by Kundalini range is amongst the most renowned collections from the lighting brand. The cut diffuser and harmonious lighting effect make the shakti wall light a distinctive piece that significantly enhances the ambiance of any room. 

Designed by Italian Marzio Rusconi Clerici, the inspiration behind this design was the idea that luminous objects should positively impact their users. The name 'shakti' is derived from a Hindu concept, representing a fundamental force depicted as a female diety. 

The Shakti 200 floor lamp features a pexiglass column with slanted cut openings, crafted through a special laser cutting technique. This process ensures that the shakti light remains consistently a white light. 

The light emitted through the openings in the structure is directed both upwards and downwards, which provides a cozy pleasant light that adds to a rooms atmosphere. 




Height: 113 cm

Width: 15 cm

Total depth with wall mount: 17 cm 




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